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Greek salad
Crisp lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, mixed peppers, olives, Greek Feta cheese drizzled with Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Vinegar dressing
Chefʼs salad
Crisp lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, mixed peppers, olives, ham, cheese , boiled egg,,thousand island dressing.
Tuna salad
Tuna, lettuce, olive oil, garlic, olivesHorta Salad
Inspired by the Greek dish of wilted wild greens, leaf salad and a light lemon dressing.
Κρύα Ορεκτικά
A creamy combination of Greek yogurt, cucumber, and garlic can be eaten alone, as a dip, as a spread, and as a condiment.
Blended sauce of potatoes, garlic, bread, and olive oil. Skordalia is a deceptively simple Greek dip used to accompany fried zucchini,aubergines and fried fishes.
Fish Roe Pâté. The classic Greek spread, taramosalata is a caviar-style dip made from carp roe.
A light and fragrant blend of smoked aubergine & garlic- Melitzanosalata is perfect as an appetizer dip and accompaniment to other food
Traditional spicy cheese dish, which can be served as a meze. A blend of Greek cheeses and imported fire roasted red peppers
Ζεστά Ορεκτικά
garida saganaki / shrimp saganaki
De-shelled shrimps cooked in a creamy tomato sauce with Greek spices,garlic,feta cheese & vegetables.
Piperia gemisti / stuffed peppers
Long green peppers stuffed with feta cheese,tomatoes,onions,garlic & herbs.
Dolmades / stuffed vine leaves
Home made recipe using a mixture of rice,onions,dill & goatʼs cheese wrapped in fresh vine leaves and served in its own special sauce.
Tiri psito / spicy grilled cheese
Grilled strong flavoured sheepʼs cheese topped with peppers,onions & a dash of home made chilli pepper sauce.
Tiropitakia / cheese pies
A home-made mixture of sheep and goatʼs cheese with green peppers wrapped in phyllo pastry.
Κυρίως Πιάτα
Hirino gemisto /stuffed pork in a fruity sauce
Grilled pork fillet steak stuffed with Gouda cheese & bacon served in a seasonal fruit sauce.
Fileto sef / fillet a la chef
Grilled tender beef fillet steak served in the chefʼs own special sauce.
Souvlaki hirino / pork souvlaki
Tender pieces of seasoned pork fillet steak,green bell peppers & onions arranged on a skewer.
Kotopoulo stroganoff / chicken stroganoff
Tender pieces of grilled chicken breast fillet cooked in a creamy tomato sauce with vegetables & garlic.
Fileto ala diavolo / fillet a la devil
Grilled beef steak served in a hot chilly pepper sauce – brought to your table on fire.
Arnisia paidakia / lamb chops
Grilled tender cuts of seasoned lamb chops
Mousakas /moussaka
A layer of roast potatoes,aubergines,minced meat (cooked in tomato sauce) topped with a béchamel sauce & baked in the oven.
Arni giouvetsi / lamb with Greek pasta
Pieces of tender lamb cooked in a garlic & tomato sauce with small Greek pasta.
Moskari Stifado / veal stifado
Tender pieces of veal cooked with shallot onions in an aromatic tomato sauce
Exohiko / lamb exohiko
Tender pieces of boneless lamb with seasonal vegetables & feta cheese wrapped in pastry.Kouneli / rabbit stew
Fresh lean pieces of rabbit cooked in a garlic & red wine sauce with spices.
Arni kleftiko / lamb kleftiko
A full flavoured Greek dish containing melt in your mouth pieces of boneless lamb with peas,carrots,roast potatoes,3- cheeses and Mediterranean spices.
garida souvlaki / shrimp souvlaki
De- shelled shrimps,green bell peppers & onions arranged on a skewer served in a creamy garlic sauce
xifias / sword fish
Grilled fillet of swordfish seasoned with salt,pepper and oregano – sprinkled with an olive oil & lemon dressing.
Gavros /white bait
A true taste of the sea – deep fried and served with our chefʼs rich garlic sauce.
Fagri / sea bream
Grilled sea bream lightly seasoned with salt,pepper & oregano - sprinkled with an olive oil & lemon dressing
Glossa / fillet of sole
Fillets of sole fried in a seasoned breadcrumbs served with a traditional garlic sauce,boiled potatoes & vegetables
Kalamari / fried squid
Tender squid dipped in a light batter and fried golden brown
Giaourti me frouta & meli / yoghurt with fruit & honey
Greek yoghurt with chunky seasonal fruits & honey
Homemade, crisp phyllo pastry with butter, walnut and honey
Greek dessert consisting of shredded pastry, honey & nuts.
Karidopita me pagoto / walnut pie with ice cream
Hot sponge cake with walnuts served with vanilla ice cream
Milopita me pagoto / apple pie with ice cream
Pie filled with hot apple chunks & cinnamon served with vanilla ice cream.